Heggedal and Blakstad wind band is a Norwegian "school band", founded in 1956. There are approximately 70 active musicians participating in its activities, primarily within the age group 7 to 19 years. Its membership can be divided into three main categories; aspirants, the so-called juniors and the main band.

The school band is associated with the Asker School of Culture, and is a member organisation of the Association of Norwegian School Bands. The bulk of the members of the Heggedal and Blakstad School Band consists of students at the Heggedal Elementary School and Blakstad Elementary, in the municipality of Asker. Blakstad Elementary is located further north in the district.


Contests and activities

The best result ever achieved in a contest by the Heggedal and Blakstad School Band, is 5th place in the Akershus county championship, in the 1st division in 2010. The same year, the school band participated in the Norwegian School Band Championship, in both the janissary and street march categories. The band finished at 6th and 7th place in these categories, respectively. 

The Heggedal and Blakstad School Band has performed both abroad and domestic, as well as at local events. The Constitution Day, the Norwegian national holiday, which is celebrated on May 17th, traditionally features performances by the school band. Members of all three branches of the school band are offered the opportunity to participate in summer trips to destinations both in Norway and abroad. 

The conductor for the aspirant and junior sections of the school band, is Andreas Olsson. The conductor for the main band is Thomas Høiby Verket.